Open Public Rituals

Ritual provides the opportunity for Pagans to share their spirituality. It is not necessary to participate in ritual to attend. It is certainly acceptable to watch from the fringes.

Opening Ritual (11-12)

Join us this year as different members from different groups and paths here in Indy join together to honor not just our Gods and Goddesses but our fellow man. So far, this year has been one of many poignant moments to our fellow man and woman; our opening ritual will reflect this. As we call upon our spiritual allies, we call upon them to help us grow and heal from the turmoil of this year, as well as to improve the world going forward. While we have one primary charity we always honor, this ritual will send our energy and thoughts to many of the events and causes brought to light this year.

Anabasis Camp (12-1)

Anabasis Camp, Ordo Templi Orientis, performs a new ritual to invoke Pan, drawing upon the Holy Books of Thelema and the Orphic Hymns. Join us for music and madness in the might of Pan!

Novices of the Old Ways (1-2)

Novices of the Old Ways ~ Indianapolis is a progressive Witchcraft community based in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. Progressive Witchcraft is not based on a formal tradition, but rather a philosophy of using whatever methods necessary to best serve the immediate and broader communities. Connection with Deity, whomever the individual or group at large communes with is of vital importance. The term “Novice,” meaning “new”, does not mean that everyone within NOW is uninitiated or new to Witchcraft. Instead, it is meant to remind us that we never stop learning and on the path of the Craft, it is only through the open mind of the Novice that wisdom is truly attained (for we stop learning the moment we believe ourselves to be “masters”). Our goal is to continue to learn about the Craft, ourselves, and how we can best aid the health of our community and planet. Our High Priestess is trained in Trance Prophesy techniques via Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, and has practiced the methods for 14 years. Trance Prophesy allows Deity to speak to the community and questioning individual directly through the Priestess or Priest taking the seat. In ancient times this was the work of the Oracle, Sybil, Pythoness or Seithkona (depending on the culture). Considering Novices seeks to create a Deity-centered spiritual practice, this work is often central to our rituals. For Pagan Pride Day, we will be bringing trough the Goddess Hekate to speak with the ritual attendees both as a whole and individually. Come with your questions, and be ready for Her answers!

White River Protogrove (4-5)

White River Protogrove is a seed group of Ar nDraoicht Fein - a pagan church based on ancient Indo-European traditions expressed through public worship, study, and fellowship. This year at Pagan Pride Day, join us for a ritual telling the story of Persephone's descent to the underworld and asking for her eventual return.

Tribus Solvo (5-6)

If you are interested in facillitating a ritual, please contact rituals

Here are some of the Rituals from previous Pagan Pride Day events

2012 Rituals:

Thalia Clan

The Cult of Aphrodite Asteria

Darren Chittick

2008 Rituals:

Mabon - Thalia Clan

Mass of Babalon - Temple of Isis

Ravensgrove Coven

2007 Rituals:

Autumn Equinox - Thalia Clan

Match Making - Dragon's Eye Coven

Evergy Revival - Church of Revelry

2006 Rituals:

Opening Ritual - Oz & Tribe of the Sacred Oak

Mabon - Dragon's Eye Coven

Energy Ritual - Tom Jones

Closing Ritual - Thalia Clan

2005 Rituals:

Opening Ritual - Tribe of the Sacred Oak

Maiden Mother Crone - Jewels of the Temple

Community Building - Dragonet Dewr

Autumn Equinox - Lothlorien

Family Celebration - Tom Jones & Stephanie Braun

Closing Ritual - CUUPS