We will miss you Debbie! Thank you for everything you did to help our event and community. What is remembered lives.

Thank you Debbie for all of your help and kindness at our Welcome Table over the years. We will miss you.

What is remembered lives.

It takes a committed team of community members to make our Pagan event turn out with annual success. We are always looking for volunteers to help make our event rise to the expectations of the Indianapolis Pagan family. Approximately 250 volunteered man hours are needed to make our event the safest and most accessible experience. Please check your calenders and see if you have available space in your day to donate an hour or two of time to help with one of our many tasks. On the day of the event, volunteers are not allowed to work beyond two hours as you are expected to enjoy the event! (Security and Area Coordinators are excluded as you are allowed to donate as much time as you desire during the event.) We hope to see your name on the volunteers list!

Due to the new location, we are trying a new system for volunteer management this year. Please be aware that with a few specific exceptions, anyone signing up to volunteer will be assigned as to “gopher” position. This means that almost all volunteers will be selecting . We will try to work with your personal considerations but may need you at any one of a number of stations. Priorities will be given to those who check in first.

The noted exceptions are for set-up and tear-down (which are time dependent) and for security and first- aid (which are skill-dependent).

This year there will also be a volunteer RAFFLE! Once you’ve worked your shift, if you wish to participate, please request your raffle tickets from the volunteer station and choose which basket/ item /s you would like to try winning. For each two-hour shift you work, you will receive two raffle tickets. There will be three prize items/ baskets. Indy Pagan Pride Day organizers are prohibited from entering the raffle. Drawing will be held at 6 pm; you do not need to be present at the drawing to win.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you this year!

Volunteer opportunity descriptions:

Pass out flyers:

As of right now, we need people willing to post flyers all over town. We can either e-mail you the flyer and you can print them out, or we can coordinate a time for them to be picked up or dropped off.

Welcome Table duties:

greet people as they come into the event, take their donations, give them a wrist band, and answer any questions. This is a wonderful position for new volunteers because it provides the opportunity to meet the community and really experience what Pagan Pride Day is all about. The welcome table comes equipped with a radio so if you need assistance, simply ask for help over the radio.

Hours: 8a-6:30p

Greeter’s duties:

walk around the event and introduce yourself to anyone that looks lost, lonely, bored…etc., offer to make introductions, answer questions or use the radio to help locate someone. You must also be available to assist the welcome table. For this position, we would prefer someone with an outgoing personality and have at least a general knowledge of the groups and people in the local community. The perks are you can walk around and socialize while on duty.

Hours: 9a-6p


walk around the event and keep an eye out for any activity that may endanger event goers. We will provide radios for the security personal to report any problems or complaints. Must be polite and respectful to all. Again, the perk of this position is you get to walk around the event while on duty. You also get a nice black t-shirt that says “Security” on it. (Please let the Security Coordinator know what size you need.)

Hours: 7a-7:30p.


Your main function will be to help the event organizers with moving picnic tables, set up signs, help merchants as requested and so forth. Must be able to lift 50+ pounds. You’ll get to see what vendors are setting up as well as meet various individuals. You’ll also save many of us old fogies who can’t lift more than 10 pounds from doing more damage to ourselves.

Hours are 7a-9a.

Tear down:

These individuals will be needed to help tear down the various tents and tables and to help load the food, clothes and stuffed animal donations. Must be able to lift 50+ pounds. You’ll get the love and adoration of the now tired old fogies who would *really* be doing themselves damage if they tried to lift anything.

Hours are from 5:30p-7:30p.


We’ll need 3-5 individuals from 8a-11a to assist in setting up and tagging the various auction items. We’ll need one volunteer to watch and take money for the “buy now” items to allow our auction coordinator time off through the day to enjoy the event. We will also need someone to be on “on-call” status as the Auction coordinator will be on-call for work that day. If she gets called away, they will need to be ready to assist. The perks are you’ll get to see the auction items and place any bids you’d like while assisting.


We need people to occasionally run various errands throughout the day like stock the bathrooms with toilet paper, run items from one place to another and so forth. You will get a radio so people can contact you as needed. The perks are if you’re not needed, you can enjoy the event. You’ll also save a lot of us from running our legs off.

Hours are from 8a-6:30p.

Children’s area:

People are needed in assisting our Children’s area coordinator with the various children’s activities as well as keep an eye on the kids. The perks are you get to play with a bunch of kids and meet Misty who completely rocks for taking this position last minute for us.

Hours are from 10a-3p.